Outsource Data Cleansing Services to Improve Data Quality

The information extracted from large sets of data for business decisions will be beneficial only based on the quality of data being analyzed. No matter how big the data set available is, it won’t be helpful to the business unless it is updated and free of redundancy. The results would show up in failed marketing campaigns! The solution lies in getting the data cleansed. There are service providers to whom this work can be outsourced. They have in-depth knowledge of the latest data cleansing techniques with years of experience. Once the organization decides to outsource data cleansing services to a competent service provider, they take full responsibility for the information they deal with. They ensure that the data is checked, duplicates are removed, standardized, normalized, verified and validated for the best results.

The trained data cleansing professionals manually check the record, clean and update them at fixed intervals and the process is not dependent on the volume and complexity of data. The experience helps them to manage data from diverse industry be it retail, insurance, banking or marketing. The service provider can deliver customized solutions as they have flexible and scalable data cleansing models to work resulting in quality service at an affordable cost. The data cleansing companies make sure that the data is secured and there is no loss or theft of data when being handled.

Below mentioned are the steps taken by the service provider to improve the data quality:


Filter records

Data cleansing services aim is to effectively manage the data and communicate the results. To achieve this goal the data cleansing professionals manually check customer records and remove obsolete data.

Remove all technical errors

To ensure that data is error-free, the professionals manually correct grammatical and punctuation errors. They make sure that data is flawless.

Complete the missing data

Data cleansing also includes outsourcing data scrubbing services where the professionals fix all sorts of missing data in the set. It could be as simple as adding pin code in full postal address or any other information. This is done with accuracy and speed to finish the task in time.

Cleaning the mail list

The service provider also understands the importance of the mailing list for business. So, part of providing quality data also includes cleaning the mailing list where irrelevant information is removed, and the list is updated frequently.

Database normalization and Standardization

This helps a lot as it makes the database easier to manage and information becomes readily available for the use. The offshore data entry outsourcing company have trained professionals who can normalize and reformat the data with attributes set to standardize the data. All this is done within a shorter round-time and improves the quality of the database.

De-duplication and Conversion

Now once the verification and validation are over there are chances that there are duplicate entries made in the database and it can make the whole data set little complicated and also take extra storage place. Some experts remove all the duplicate entries from the database to make it more accurate. Data conversion services make sure that once the cleansing process gets over the file is provided in suitable digital format such as PDF, JPEG, MS WORD, etc.

Following the above steps, the service provider turns the chaotic form of data into something which adds value to the data and results in meaningful information.


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