How AI Technology is Shaping the Future of the BPO Industry

The artificial intelligence has emerged to be a contemporary technology that has been dominating the varied business sectors in recent times. The implementation of advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence or machine learning services in the data entry or BPO Industry have become quite prevalent.

BPO Industry

The concept of AI technology has turned out to be both exciting and thoughtful for the outsourcing BPO companies in India. Since years, outsourcing services has happened to be one of the booming and rapidly excelling business sector in an offshore region such as India or the Philippines. 

Artificial intelligence, preferably also known as AI services, is the extended form of human intelligence processes initiated by the machines such as a computer system. The ultimate goal of practicing the AI services within a BPO outsourcing company is to maximize the productivity level to an unimaginable extent. A few applications of the AI services in the BPO industry include concepts such as speech/text recognition, machine vision, and so on.

Though the waves of these trending concepts such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, or RPA is at its initial stage in India, it has been widely embraced by the BPO outsourcing companies in the country.

Let’s see how well the AI technology shapes the BPO industry in the coming times!

Customer Experience

Customer experience is one of the crucial factors that will determine the success or failure of a business in the long run. One of the baby steps of AI in the BPO outsourcing company comprises of the integration of voice, emails, social media, and virtual chats into an omnichannel. Rather than just focusing on the sales performance, today, a majority of organizations including the data entry industry is aiming to accomplish the best customer experience. Executing the AI services within your data entry process can maximize customer engagement as it will help in rendering accurate services.

Minimal Errors with Enhanced Speed

One of the finest changes to be witnessed in the AI-powered data entry process is the occurrence of minimal or no errors. The automated data entry process speeds up the workflow, thereby, guaranteeing a faster and secure data entry service. The integration of AI services can make the data entry process consistent and more responsive. Unlike the errors that occur during manual data entry, the automated process will have the ability to wipe out such worries regarding inaccuracies. Technologies such as machine learning (ML) have the efficiency to key in the bulk of data within a shorter period and it will help in identifying the various patterns that would enhance the data quality and preciseness.


Generally, the offshore BPO outsourcing companies receive a majority of the projects from other countries such as the US, the UK, etc. Most of the BPO companies offer the data entry services at a low cost, especially in an offshore region such as India. Thereby, making the best use of AI-based technologies such as virtual assistants, chatbots, and other similar tools. Such concepts can enhance profit and maintain quality. Regardless of the integration of new technologies such as AI services or machine learning, the offshore data entry companies would be renowned for their cost-effective solutions.

What Comes Next?

Artificial intelligence is one of the growing areas in the field of technology that is being widely accepted by BPO companies.

There is a common myth revolving around the emergence of AI in the data entry process – loss of jobs. But in reality, artificial intelligence will still require manual support, the only difference being the technology will speed up the complete process, enhancing productivity.

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