5 Important Stages In Outsourcing Survey Data Processing

Surveys are critical for businesses since they bring in a lot of valuable information from the outside world, particularly from the market. Market surveys and customer surveys are done regularly by businesses to understand the current trends in the market and among the customers. This information is widely used for many critical management decisions. Survey design and execution are meticulous processes that require expertise. It is typically outsourced to competent partners proficient in survey data processing services. Outsourcing brings with it many benefits to the business. Let us first understand the 5 important stages in survey data processing:


Survey Design

Survey design is an important aspect of survey data processing. The design is important as it will help to engage the people who are involved in providing and collecting the information required. It will also make sure that the required data is well-collected. Surveys should be designed based on the source of information. Online and offline surveys have different criteria and hence should have different designs. Online surveys will be more effective, where possible, since the design can include the default or most used response to ease people complete the survey..

Data Collection

Once the survey is designed, the next step is to execute it and collect the information required. Online and offline data collection can be done. The printed forms need to be filled up by the surveyors or the customers and collected. Telephonic surveys are also used in many cases. Such data is collected and passed on for data entry and storage.

Data Entry & Storage

Data entry is important because the inputted survey data only can be processed. Questionnaire data entry is done with the help of resources who are experienced in survey data entry. The information collected through physical forms, phone surveys and online forms are collated but the data entry personnel. The inputted data is cleansed and stored in a secured database server, to be processed.

Data Processing

The digitized survey data, that is stored in the database is processed to draw detailed insights into the market and customer behavior. Legacy software tools are used for data processing. Where bulk data has to be processed, Big Data Analytics and such tools are employed. These involve huge investments. You also need expertise to make the most of such tools.


Reporting is also as important an aspect of outsourcing data processing as data entry and processing. If there’s bulk data processing involved, such tools that can aggregate the information to provide user-friendly reports should be used. Dynamic reports that accept user-input and generate reports accordingly will be better to consider. Business can generate dynamic reports based on the requirements.When businesses outsource survey data processing, they can leverage from the right technologies and resources proficient in designing and collecting survey data. The input may also be automated or digitized making quality and reliable data available. Outsourcing makes the data available in the most cost-effective way.

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