Advantages of web data extraction for market research


Web research done for data extraction is an important part of market research. Websites are evolving and changing day by day and they play an important role in the growth of businesses. The quantity of data collected from the website is also increasing over time across the industries. There are millions of websites available on the internet and there is an exponential growth in the data generated over the recent years. Companies are opting for offshore web data extraction services to collect data from the online sources for market research, finding new customers, checking industry trends and analyze them for business purpose. Web data extraction for market research offers many benefits. This is the only source which helps in understanding the business growth and build models which would help in improving existing and potential customer experiences. Organizations include web data collection in their strategy as part of the market research effort.

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Extracting Customer’s Sentiment

The outsourcing company knows how to use the internet for research and the pros and cons of using it. When you outsource data extraction service, the service providers have the required skills which also have forums where the customers can discuss and set their expectations. If these people are discussing any particular product or service, then it is helpful as a manufacturer. The product ranking can be seen and also how the customers feel and comment about a particular product or service. Organizations can harvest this customers sentiment from different types of sites depending on the product or service helps in finding what opinion people have about the pricing, usage, and reliability.

Data collection for product and pricing

Companies manufacturing products and stores selling them online can use data extraction to get the pricing information from online markets, other organizations websites or from different catalogs. Web research services have experienced professionals to collect the product and the pricing information from online retails stores like Amazon, Snapdeal and many more. These works help in collecting data for any future investments. The team collects all the relevant information and then aggregate it to deliver in a structured format. This data provided by an outsourced service is with database tables so the price can be compared in real-time too. This helps in establishing a trend for some time. It’s a continuous process since consumer behavior is fast-changing.

Identify the counterfeits

One of the most important and interesting uses of web data extraction in market research is to find out any counterfeit product or service being sold in the market. The data entry service provider could also be misled if such undesirable activities are prevalent in the market. In the longer term, it would affect the business. The web data extraction process should also focus on this and design models to locate such counterfeit products. With the right technologies and extensive data extraction from reliable resources, the outsourcing partner can achieve this goal very efficiently.

The advantages of web data extraction services can overall increase the company’s revenue. They would be aware of the essential data which can be utilized in the key areas of growth and development.


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