Outsourcing Offline Data Entry Services

The global business scenario requires established outsource offline data entry services for unmatched competitive edge and business success. Steadfast back-office and administrative procedures also ensure firm data management.

Data Entry Export, the stellar and ace offline data entry Indian company can help you achieve global business precedence through its offshore data entry and offline data processing services.

The productive offline data entry crew, who are domain well-versed and conversant with our state-of-the-art technological excellence. They have keen-eyes, high-quality delivery, and global accuracy levels in every data entry project.


If you need to get your offline data entered quickly and easily, then we are the right outsourced data entry service provider for you. Our services are very quick, accurate, reliable, and cost-effective.


Data Entry Export’s Outsource Offline Data Entry Services:

  • • Offline Form Filling
  • • Offline Data Conversion Services
  • • Data collection
  • • Data entry from files and documents
  • • URL list collection
  • • Medical records and document entry
  • • Manuscripts and book data entry
  • • Business card entry
  • • Yellow pages data entry
  • • Office documents data entry
  • • Insurance claims form entry
  • • Billing data, Invoice data entry, Receipt, and Payroll data
  • • PDF data entry
  • • Account document data entry
  • • Birth and death records entry
  • • Data entry into database programs
  • • Business data entry, and much more

The affordable offline data processing services from Data Entry Export ensure 100% completeness for projects done in either offline mode or through offline sources for enhanced client satisfaction.

Why global clientele prefers ‘Data Entry Export’ as their offshore offline data entry partner?

    1. Extends affordable offline data entry services at minimal turnaround times.

    2. Assures client-satisfaction in results with uncompromised quality and precision.

    3. Customized outsource offline data entry services that are flexible and scalable at any project phase.

    4. Deep-seated, unreachable data security/protection and client confidentiality management protocols.

    5. Experienced reserves of qualified and highly knowledgeable human resources backed up with ultra-modern infrastructure and technological finesse.

    6. Renowned and reputed offline data entry Indian company with proven track records in major offline data processing services and projects.

    7. Streamlined and practiced workflows capable of countering issues and setbacks in every project phase.

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