Medical Data Entry Service

Are you planning to convert your medical records into a digitized format? Optimize your patient information management with Data Entry Export's dedicated medical data entry services now! Our wide range of medical documentation services uses the latest technology and industry best practices to maintain data integrity throughout the project.

Data Entry Export shares a decade of assisting healthcare providers and organizations of all sizes to manage their datasets efficiently. Protect and safeguard your patients’ sensitive data with our secure medical data entry services. Free up your valuable time and focus on delivering patient care, outsource now!



Our Medical Data Entry Services Process

  • Collecting patient details

    Online Data Entry project outcomes with a focus on high-quality within cost-effective packages.
  • Verification

    After that, we verify that the information entered is true. Next, we cross-reference the information with existing records or with the patient.
  • Entering Data into EHR

    The verified data is then entered into the electronic health record (EHR) or registers for further processes.
  • Review and QC

    The entered data is carried out for reviews and quality checks. This phase flags errors, inconsistencies, and missing data.
  • Storage and Access

    After stringent quality checks, the data is securely transferred and stored in appropriate locations.
  • Continuous Updates and Maintenance

    Patient records and files are regularly updated with the latest changes regarding the condition of the patient, treatment, and progress.

Our Specialized Medical Data Entry Solutions

    ✔ Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Data Entry

    ✔ Patient Demographic Data Entry

    ✔ Medical Billing And Coding Data Entry

    ✔ Clinical Data Entry

    ✔ Prescription Data Entry

    ✔ Laboratory Results Data Entry

    ✔ Insurance Claim Forms Data Entry

✔ Medical Transcription Data Entry

✔ Medical History Data Entry

✔ Lab Results Data Entry

✔ Pharmacy Data Entry

✔ Radiology Reports Data Entry

✔ Healthcare Surveys Data Entry

✔ Image Record Data Entry

Why we’re the Best Fit?

  • A Decade of Expertise in Patient Information Managem

    Data Entry Export shares expertise of over a decade in the medical data entry field. Our expert team possesses a deep understanding of patient information management and medical demographics. We can guarantee smooth data capture and efficient medical documentation services that can be seamlessly integrated across your existing systems.
  • Healthcare Data Entry Specialists

    Our committed team is well-trained and certified data entry specialists who share expertise across medical terminology, coding, and healthcare guidelines. Our robust data validation and verification procedures guarantee the integrity of medical data throughout every cycle. Leverage our automation tools and cutting-edge tools that extract key information from complex medical documents.
  • Unwavering Commitment to Health Data Security

    Data Entry Export understands the critical importance of dealing with sensitive patient information. Your data is quality-checked, monitored, and protected with technologies of the latest industrial standards. Our secure systems and security measures protect your health data from breaches, piracies, and unauthorized access.
  • Scalable Solutions for All Your Medical Data Entry Needs

    Our specialized medical data entry services are designed to meet your requirements and needs, regardless of your organization's size. We understand that your data entry demands can fluctuate, whether it may be clinical notes, lab results, or medical records. Our personalized solutions can seamlessly adapt to the surge in new patients or unforeseen events.
  • Operational Excellence & Cutting-Edge Technology:

    Focus on your staff to focus on giving the best patient care activities effortlessly. We utilize the latest technology that ensures maximum accuracy, operational excellence, and seamless medical data management. Make informed clinical decisions based on reliable medical data that follows regular quality checks, monitoring, and audits. Our commitment to quality assurance in medical data entry allows you to make informed decisions.

Focus on Quality Patient Care, Outsource Medical Data Entry Services Now!

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