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Do you face difficulties in managing your revenue cycle effectively? Are you looking for efficient medical billing experts to process your medical bills? Then, Data Entry Export is here to tackle these issues. Data Entry Export is a top-tier medical billing outsourcing service provider in India with experience and expertise of a decade or more years. With our all-encompassing healthcare billing solutions, we are able to satisfy clients from different corners of the world. By leveraging innovative technologies, we deliver best-in-class medical billing solutions to healthcare providers. We are confident that, by choosing our medical billing management services, you can concentrate on providing top-quality patient care and boosting patient satisfaction.



Explore the Array of Services We Offer

  • Patient Demographic Entry & Registration

    Patient Demographic Entry and registration involves recording essential details about the patient into the specified system. Medical billing data entry experts with enough experience in this field handle this process accurately and efficiently. By choosing our patient demographic entry and registration services, you can improve patient satisfaction and lessen administrative burdens. Data Entry Export will be a great choice if you are looking for a trustworthy data entry service provider.
  • Pre-certification & Insurance Verification

    Pre-certification and insurance Verification refers to the process of verifying insurance claims for timely approvals. The expert team at Data Entry Export handles this process with utmost dedication. Furthermore, with our extensive pre-certification and verification support, you can focus on improving the patient care you deliver. It is certain that you can boost patient satisfaction with our service.
  • Medical Coding

    Medical Coding is the act of coding diagnoses, multiple procedures, and myriad services based on industry standards. The professionals at Data Entry Export are well-versed in medical terminologies and standard guidelines in coding and handle the whole process of medical coding efficiently. So, if you want to provide exceptional patient care, you can choose our medical coding services.
  • Medical Records Scanning and Indexing

    Medical Records Scanning and Indexing refer to the process of converting medical records from paper to digital format. The experts at Data Entry Export use advanced scanning technologies to create digital solutions. By choosing medical records scanning and indexing services, you can boost medical data accessibility and enhance workflow efficiency.
  • Medical Claims Processing Services

    Medical Claims Processing is the act of accurately and efficiently processing medical claims. The medical claims processing experts integrate cutting-edge technologies to process medical claims quickly. Furthermore, by partnering with Data Entry Export for medical claims processing services, you can provide top-quality patient care and reduce administrative burdens.
  • Accounts Receivable (AR) Follow-up

    Accounts Receivable (AR) Follow-up services refer to the process of following up on all outstanding invoices and unpaid claims to boost cash flow. By harnessing the efficiency and expertise of an accounts receivable expert at Data Entry Export, you can gain control of your revenue cycle management. That is, Account Receivable Follow-up services offered by Data Entry Export will be a good choice for you.

What Makes Data Entry Export Your Top Choice?

  • We maintain transparent communication with our clients. That is, throughout the project period, you will be provided with regular reports and updates regarding the project's status.
  • Leveraging the power of advanced technologies, we deliver our healthcare billing solutions on time. By using these solutions, you can respond to demands quickly.
  • The medical billing experts at Data Entry Export, focus on providing high-quality medical billing outsourcing services to our clients. For this matter, they conduct frequent audits and check the quality of data.
  • We have designed our medical billing outsourcing services with the view that they should be accessible to all. So, you will get our healthcare billing solutions at pocket-friendly rates.
  • Customers are one of the main pillars of or business. So we give prime importance to the satisfaction of our clients.

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