Offshore Insurance Claim Processing

Data Entry Export offers effortless and organized offshore outsourcing insurance claim processing services to globally settled clients at remarkably low rates. Our outsourcing insurance claim processing services provide enhanced storage, security, data access, and recovery associated with essential claim information.

We have experienced specialists possessing the right skillsets using advanced technologies. Our insurance claim processing services are exclusively designed to enhance the efficiency of the entire insurance process minimizing your administrative hassles and enhancing internal operations.

The streamlined workflows at our firm offer varied ways in bulk insurance claims processing on a routine basis enhancing your customer satisfaction levels. We guarantee to attain comprehensive and relevant information for your company through our service techniques.


We are highly trained to process your insurance claim and keep you informed every step of the way, whether it's car insurance, home owner's insurance, or motorbike insurance.


The Process of Our Insurance Claim Processing Services:

  • • Digitizing of various insurance claim forms
  • • In-depth verification of the claim forms
  • • Stringent validation of the insurance claim forms

We assure to manage the complete claim processing cycle, right from the digitization, verification, validation, and processing of valuable insurance claim information in your desired digital formats.

The Specialization of our Insurance Claim Processing Services are mentioned below:

  • • Life Insurance Claim Processing
  • • Auto Insurance Claim Processing
  • • Health Insurance Claim Processing
  • • General Insurance Claim Processing
  • • Claim Overpayment
  • • Record Changes- Name, Beneficiary, Address
  • • Provider Excess Reinsurance
  • • Specific Excess Reinsurance
  • • Medical Insurance Claims Processing
  • • Health Insurance Claims Processing

Our team at Data Entry Export offers an excellent mix of advanced technology and dedicated professionals, offering the best and quality-enriched solutions in insurance claim processing. The excellent experience we possess let us offer tailored solutions to varied sectors such as pharmacy, dental, hospitals, etc.

Benefits of Hiring Data Entry Export’s Outsourcing Insurance Claim Processing Services:

    • Effective line-up of experienced processing crew and managerial division.

    • Get assured cost-reduction of 40-50% in your insurance claim processing projects.

    • Error-free, precise and consistency in data ensuring authenticity in results.

    • All-encompassing data security and client confidentiality measures safeguarding crucial information from varied insurance claim forms.

    • Well-grounded processing support that is round-the-clock assistance and under expert supervision.

Data Entry Export’s renowned, confidential and secure insurance claim processing capabilities and proficiency can handle bulk or voluminous handwritten/printed forms or ones that are structured unstructured, cost-effectively, at short processing times, with high-quality, and accurate outputs.

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