Spreadsheet Data Entry India

With momentous growth in Excel data, every organization find it a requisite to store and preserve such databases, to make their routine business activities and record maintenance a breeze.Data Entry Export’s outsource Excel data entry services undertakes client-specified requirements and delivers them at inexpensive prices and in the most accurate outputs.

The spreadsheet data entry services team at our company are specialists who utilizes MS Excel program skillfully helping you to add, edit, or modify records easily and within a short turnaround time. Additionally, they carry out subtle forms of data organization, sorting and validation procedures for enhanced effectiveness in client projects.


We will leverage our team of experienced Excel data entry clerks to add a new layer of validation and insight to your business.


Our prominent BPO solutions in Excel Data Entry Services include:

  • • Excel data entry from variable physical sources such as paper, documents, scanned images, etc.
  • • Accurate numeric data entry into Excel spreadsheets
  • • Entry of ID details such as name, address, and location details into MS Excel
  • • Large or small volume of data entry from the excel spreadsheet
  • • Creating excel databases from the web sources
  • • Creating database from image files
  • • Offering diversified options of mathematical functions and calculations in MS Excel
  • • Portraying file formats and pictorial representations with the help of spreadsheets
  • • PDF to Excel data entry services

List of input sources accepted by us producing faultless excel data entry solutions:

    • Enrollment forms

    • E-commerce shopping portals

    • Magazines and journals

    • Surveys and questionnaires

    • Web and online databases

    • eBooks and eMagazines

    • Directories and books

    • Bills/receipts/invoices

    • Company reports

    • Other formats such as TXT, RTF, XML, SGML, HTML, MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, PDF, and much more

Why you should outsource Excel Data Entry Services from Us?

  • 1. Comprehensively and streamlined suit of excel data entry services with testified and high-quality-yields, accuracy and uniformity.
  • 2. Phenomenal technologies and software with bespoke advancements integrated to admirable infrastructure.
  • 3. Qualified and skilled teams of expert excel data entry professionals and analysts who are well-experienced.
  • 4. Client-specified project time-frames are easily met through our round-the-clock work culture and customer assistance.
  • 5. Final project dispatch done through highly secure FTP channels or servers.
  • 6. Perfectly balanced and blended quality check and double-entry technique in our BPO solutions.
  • 7. Deployment of benchmark data security/protection and client confidentiality measures.
  • 8. Desired outputs at cost-effective and competitive pricing ensure ethical client satisfaction.

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