Outsourcing Data Scanning Services

Paper documents pose a high risk of losing important business information that adversely affects business operation, reducing efficiency, productivity and profits. Hence, the days of storing paper documents are coming to an end as the big established businesses are employing document scanning services or operations to eliminate paper documents, that saves a lot of time and energy.

Data Entry Export can help achieve a top spot with our outsource document scanning services, for either big or small scale companies. We have an outfit of qualified workforce and high-grade technology that transforms paper documents into easily accessible digital formats. The outstanding and expeditious scanners of ours combined with hand operated data entry and remarkable quality checks, generate high-quality and consistent outputs for bulk quantity of documents.

Why Outsourcing Services in Document Scanning?


Losing all your paper records is an alarming situation for most business, as they might only have one copy of company records. Although if documents are scanned and converted into digital formats, a large volume of data can be stored, accessed, or retrieved easily without any difficulties.

Advantages Of Outsourcing Data Scanning Services

  • • Document scanning offers saving or maximization of office space, cost-effectively.
  • • It ensures data protection of the highest degree.
  • • Reduces costs spend on papers, aiming towards a paperless office.
  • • Drastically improves customer services of business firms.
  • • Increases organizational productivity, efficiency, profits and ROIs (return of investment).

We Offer Top Of The Line Outsource Document Scanning Services for:

  • • Bank Statements
  • • Directories
  • • Magazines
  • • Manuscripts
  • • Journals and Periodicals
  • • Accounting sheets
  • • Receipts
  • • Blueprints
  • • Maps
  • • Handwritten notes
  • • Manuals
  • • Legal files and more

The Document Scanning Process at Data Entry Export

➧ Arranges paper documents meticulously in order to make document scanning process quick and precise.

➧ Documents are scanned through high-speed flatbed based scanners that can scan huge amount of paper documents. The entire process is supervised by expert technicians.

➧ Quality check done with the expertise of experienced personnel. Document showing default or errors, is scanned again to ensure perfection.

➧ Digitized documents are suitably organized for secured storage and easy retrieval.

Reasons to Hire Data Entry Export’s Outsourcing Data Scanning Services:

• Highly minimal turnaround times aligning with your strategic goals.

• Assured cost reduction (40-50%) through our outsourcing services package.

• Strict adherence to data quality management producing high-quality and precise outputs.

• Document scanning company with strict emphasis on client data security and confidentiality.

• Latest and futuristically progressive technology and scanning procedures.

• Highly customizable and scalable outsource document scanning services.

Do you plan on outsourcing data scanning services to us? Then contact us or send us a mail to [email protected] with your document scanning service requirements.

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