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Data Entry Export is a globally recognized data mining services provider with cost-effective prices. The process of data mining has become an inevitable aspect helping organizations discover information that enhances their efficiency in varied manners. Global clients prefer our data mining services over the years for the excellent support we have been providing them.

The collected strength of our professionals and implemented technology helps in efficient knowledge discovery or data about the prevalent market conditions or in predicting future business opportunities. We are skilled enough to accurately interpret data, assisting global organizations to formulate informed business decisions.

Being a top data mining company, Data Entry Export’s in-depth domain expertise and experience incorporates existing and trending data mining techniques,and web research processes in its data mining outsourcing services.


Our data mining service specialized in custom data mining, market research, etc. We help you make better decisions with the power of your data.


The Impressive Outsource Data Mining Services We Provide:

Web Data Mining Services

A critical aspect of every firm is extracting data from the web or various websites. Data Entry Export is specialized at secured extraction of information from various online sources which effectively provides analyses for your better business functioning. We extract the meta-data from websites, various websites’ products, prices, and descriptions, market trend monitoring, extracting and summarizing news stories from online news sources/portals, etc.

Image Data Mining Services

These services can be used for small or large-scale based image databases. Most prominently used in criminal investigation phases, medical applications, and weather forecasting. We can also extract data from scanned documents or images. We embrace progressive and immersive technology and software that performs instant conversions in quality-oriented results. We have accomplished ourselves as a proficient image data mining service provider among the global clientele.

Social Media Data Mining Services

These days, business organizations of varying sizes and scales possess a solid online market presence with their websites. We help clients by extracting precise information from major social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. that gathers crucial data that can boost your business. We collect info about business competitors, precise and updated their pricing strategies, data on existing trends, and promotion of new products, etc. We also carry out online synchronization for varied databases.

Excel/ Word Data Mining Services

Processes such as creation, preparation, and updating of Excel databases with arithmetic or other logical formulas and models are done. The information in the Excel databases are highly important for major financial and business planning essentials. Beside that we cater our data mining outsourcing services for legal or medical research purposes as well such as for fraud detection or customer segmentation. We can also collect data from websites and render them into Excel spreadsheets.

Schematic of Our Exemplary Data Mining Process:

Our team follows a systematic data mining process, utilizing contemporary software and technology to deliver client-desired result. The process includes six major phases:

  • • Obtaining the dataset requirement from the client
  • • Data sourcing
  • • Collecting the data
  • • Getting the relevant data in the format requested by the clients
  • • Performing the quality check
  • • Delivering the final data output to the client

Partner with Us and get these Outsource Data Mining Services Benefits!

    1. Reduction in your internal operational expenses (40-50%).

    2. Experienced professionals mining huge volume of data sets.

    3. Final project delivery at client specified schedules at cost-effective prices.

    4. Manual or electronic data mining procedures using latest technology assets.

    5. Removal of duplicate or irrelevant entries, through top-of-the-line QC/QA processes.

    6. Deep-seated data security and confidentiality measures.

    7. Round-the-clock data mining outsourcing assistance with precision and consistency.

Outsource our unique and affordable data mining services for critical business related information from both simple and formidable sources. Mail us today at [email protected] along with your requirements.

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