Outsourcing Data Conversion Services

The storage of huge large volume of data in different formats is prone to common complications of data discrepancy and data that gradually becomes irrelevant. Data Entry Export, the leading data conversion company can efficiently assist you through such incidents, with our promising and cost-effective outsource data conversion services.

According to your preference, we facilitate the viewing and examining of your business data in the formats you desire with our data conversion services. The state-of-the-art infrastructure of Data Entry Export is lined up with progressive technologies capable of converting all sorts of data from catalogs, invoices, financial records, etc. and in storing them in a format that is easily accessible.


Our data conversion service will help you get the most out of your data. We convert your data into a flexible and machine-readable format, making it simple to analyze.


The Foremost Outsourcing Data Conversion Services offered by Data Entry Export:

  • XML Conversion – Under our XML conversion, we help you to transfer the information from one application, system, or a database to another. We carry out XML conversions from formats such as text, word, HTML, and PDF.
  • HTML, XHTML Conversion – Our HTML and XHTML conversion handles the conversion of various formats such as the Word, Excel, JPEG, and PDF to HTML compatible format.
  • SGML Conversion – Our team successfully performs the SGML conversion such as text to SGML, SGML to HTML, SGML to excel, SGML to CD-ROM publishing, SGML to DTD, and much more.
  • PDF Conversion – PDF has become the best choice for document conversion. PDF’s are easily created from receipts, bills, images, and invoices, thus, making it easy for you to store, transmit, and publish the information.
  • TEXT, TXT Conversion – Our TEXT, TXT conversion minimize your dependence upon the paperwork. Our services include converting various formats such as Scan, PDF, HTML, Picture, Image, or XLM to Text format.
  • Word, Doc, RTF Conversion – Today, there has been a great demand for converting the PDF into Word, Doc, or RTF. Along with such conversion, we also convert the image files to DOC, Word, and RTF.
  • XLS, CSV Conversion – Under XLS, CSV conversion, we will help you to save the file in a table-structured format and thus, will enable you to read on your own with the help of text editor.
  • Image Conversion – Our image conversion services include the conversion of an image to various formats such as text, database, PDF, XML, or CSV.
  • eBook Conversion – At Data Entry Export, the major sources of our eBook conversion services includes books, journals, newspapers, and brochures.
  • ePub Conversion – Today, ePub has become one of the universally accepted standard eBook format. We will assist you with the creation of a perfect book without any limitation on size etc.

Reasons to Choose Data Conversion Services from Data Entry Export:

  • 1. Bankable and systematic outsource data conversion services and processes.
  • 2. Developing meaningful information through efficient data assembly
  • 3. Cost-effective data conversion services done by highly efficient human resources.
  • 4. Boosts your organizational efficiency, productivity by saving your resources and time.
  • 5. Vast expertise in outsourcing data conversion services.
  • 6. Ensuring zero data loss through our data conversion processes producing error-free results.
  • 7. Fastest and shortest TATs assured in exceeding client expectations and satisfaction levels.
  • 8. Client data security and confidentiality protocols that are comprehensive and advanced standards.

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