Data Annotation Services

Businesses in major parts of the world are increasingly depending on AI and machine learning to boost innovation, enhance efficiency, and attain a competitive advantage. Therefore, the requirement for high quality data annotation services has increased. However, annotating bulk volumes of data internally can be tedious, expensive, time consuming and resource intensive. Especially for businesses that do not have necessary expertise or infrastructure. Here is where outsourcing data annotation service brings a lot of benefits.

Data Entry Export, one of the leading outsourcing service providers with more than a decade of experience serving businesses across different parts of the world. By partnering with a seasoned and professional outsourcing service provider like Data Entry Export, you get access to a wide pool of talents adept in data annotating, who can efficiently and accurately label their data, saving time and resources. Moreover, we employ advanced and state-of-the-art tools and technologies to simplify the annotation process, ensure quality control and maintain data security. This facilitates businesses to focus on their core competencies while we handle the intricate and tedious task of data annotation to the experts.



Our Comprehensive Range of Services

  • Text Annotation Service

    The text annotation service involves the meticulous task of annotating text data by adding labels or tags to text data to facilitate machines to comprehend the context and meaning of the text. This ensures accuracy and relevancy in different applications including natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning models. Our text annotation service leverages a wide range of annotation techniques such as Named Entity Recognition (NER), sentiment analysis, text classification and part-of-speech tagging.
  • Image Annotation Service

    The image annotation service comprises different techniques customized to annotate images for different applications including object detection, image segmentation, and autonomous vehicle development. 2D Bounding Box Annotation and 3D Point Cloud Annotation are two prominent techniques we employ. The 2D Bounding Box Annotation technique involves drawing bounding boxes around objects of interest within an image. While 3D Point Cloud Annotation involves labeling individual points in a 3D point cloud, which is a collection of data points indicating a 3D object or scene.
  • Video Annotation Service

    The video annotation service at Data Entry Export, delivers extensive solutions for annotating videos to streamline activities including action recognition, object tracking and video surveillance. The service leverages different methodologies and tools to annotate videos accurately and efficiently. Our skilled annotators rigorously annotate videos using advanced video annotation tools that backs frame-by-frame annotation and temporal synchronization ensuring high-quality annotations required for training strong machine learning models.
  • Content Moderation Services

    Our content moderation service ensures that the user-generated content sticks to the community guidelines and regulatory standards, protecting online platforms from harmful or improper content. The service leverages a blend of manual moderation by human annotators and automated algorithms to efficiently moderate content. Our experts at Data Entry Export utilizes a multi-layered approach to content moderation, combining the scalability of automated algorithms to ensure accurate and adept moderation. We conduct constant updates and continuous training of algorithms to improve accuracy and adapt to varying content trends.

What Makes Data Entry Export Your Top Choice?

  • At Data Entry Export, we prioritizes quality assurance in data annotation. We provide highly accurate, relevant and consistent datasets to train your artificial intelligence or machine learning models better and faster.
  • We make use of the latest technologies along with the techniques to deliver enhanced data annotation while lowering the costs to clients. We offer competitive pricing for top-notch data annotation services.
  • Data Entry Export never compromises on the security of data. Therefore, we implement robust security measures in place to safeguard client data. This ensures that the confidential information remains safe throughout the annotation process.
  • Housing a large team of data annotators, Data India Export can manage projects of different sizes and complexities. We can easily scale up or down on the basis of client requirements, providing flexibility and adaptability to meet varying requirements.
  • Our services are available 24/7 to ensure on time delivery and support for clients across different time zones. Our dedicated team operates round the clock to address client queries, provide updates, and ensure smooth project execution.

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