Image Conversion Services

A photography agency approached us, in quest of our image conversion service. Capturing a photograph is easy and the post-photography stages seem to be a time-consuming and challenging task.

Our client wanted to convert a couple of raw photographs into various formats such as JPEG, GIF, or BMP. We understand that today digital photography has taken the photography world by storm.

We have highly invested into the adoption of contemporary technologies and latest software in order to gain a high-quality and noise-free images on time. We asked our client to give the input images in a raw format so as to get a better quality, finer control on the parameters, and excellent compression.

As it was a small project, we employed three photo editors to carry out this challenging task. The raw image provided is also known as the sensor images and each sensor has a filter for three colors namely red, green, and blue.

Our conversion involved three stages. The first phase comprises the overlapping of various patterns to form a silky effect. The second phase consists of the irregular lines which replaced the straight ones. And the last phase led to the detection of the false colors. We utilized the revolutionizing image reconstruction technology to gain the perfect image conversion. The final delivery is an absolute flawless one.

As per our client, “The conversion was a brilliant one and we would definitely recommend the data conversion of Data Entry Export to other professionals too.”

Image Conversion Services

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