Data Cleansing Services

Recently, we were approached by a client who belonged to the education sector. They were a reputed tutorial offering firm, settled in the UK.

They sought our solutions in order to ease the data cleansing process. They had a bulk of documents which required a complete clean up before it is ready to use. Previously, while they handled it in-house, they faced a couple of challenges and found it out to be a time-consuming and daunting task.

Data Entry Export is a renowned service provider of data cleansing and our cleaning process is highly demanded in the global market.

Initially, we formed a team of four professional experts who carried out the spell check including the grammar, jargon, abbreviations, etc. We detected all the spell flaws so as to ensure the delivery of an accurate document. They handled the input files with multiple sources and they were labeled differently. We ensured to put every detail in a proper place in order to consolidate all your files. We also created a relational database structure for the smoother functioning.

With the assistance of the automated processes such as data dictionary, etc. we validated the data and delivered a clean output. We also merged all the small documents in order to make the information more meaningful. At the end, before the final delivery, we carried out a detailed report and data analysis.

According to our client, “Data Entry Export delivered the data in a quick manner without any minute errors. Highly appreciated and recommended.”

Data Cleansing Services

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