Indexing Services

Our client belonged to a document management company and was well-settled in the US. They came to know about our excellent outsourcing services through the help of internet.

They approached us for the solutions regarding indexing a set of documents and to monitor the quality of a bulk of the project. They sent the documents related to their clients on a daily basis.

The main challenge was in indexing these documents within a time frame of 24 hours, irrespective of how small or big the data is. We formed a team of experienced professionals who were highly capable of developing a high volume indexing explanations. We help to improve the usability and ensure to keep your data in a highly organized method.

We carried out the indexing task in such a way that a large amount of confidentiality and security was given to the data of our client. We helped to enhance their efficiency by minimizing the number of steps required to index the documents. We also assisted them to improve the quality of image processing.

As per our client, “We are deeply satisfied with the indexing services offered by Data Entry Export and happily hoping to develop a long-term relationship with them.”

Indexing services

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