10 Warnings that it’s time you invested in data conversion

warnings you should ivest in data conversion

Data Conversion is the technique of converting information in one form to another. It could be converting the physical data into digital data or digital data in the image form to text form. Businesses deal with different forms of data and sources of information. So there’s always a need for converting data in one form to another more useful form. Since this requires expertise and technical knowhow, businesses approach a data entry outsourcing company for all its data conversion needs.

  1. It takes forever to retrieve some information!

Yes, that’s one major advantage you get when you convert all your data into searchable digital format. Data entry companies help you manage your data more conveniently in the format your Business Intelligence software supports. This means, at any given point of time, you have the information required on your finger tips.

  1. You cannot trace back your bills

You religiously document everything you do and have a stack of bills stashed in some file cabinet. What is its use if you cannot trace it back to some other information? Digitization helps you correlate different processes and documents so that it makes more sense to your business.

  1. You have to redo your entire account statements!

Just imagine, your accountant has meticulously done the account statements and prepared the financial statements for the year. Now if something goes wrong somewhere and you have to rework on the statements, your accountant has to redo the entire stuff! It is a total waste of manpower and resources. Instead, if you have digital data input by Data Entry Company India, you just need to correct the mistake and run the process which brings up the reports required.

  1. You have to courier an urgent statement to your client!

If you have a digital copy of all your documents, all you need is to email it to your client who can access it from anywhere across the world. Couriers are so passé and you wouldn’t want to weaken your company’s prestige in front of you clients! Moreover, if it’s an international courier, it costs you more and takes more time. An email does not cost you anything and the required information reaches your client within a few minutes. That’s efficiency!

  1. You lost some of your documents during shifting

This is a major issue many companies face. They lose their precious documents during office shifting or some other emergency situations like flood or fire. This definitely can be avoided by engaging an efficient BPO company for data conversion services.

  1. You have to manually compare your actual with budgets

This is a tedious process and manual comparison may err. If you have the budget and actual in digital format, you can compare them on the click of a button!

  1. You have data but can’t use them for analysis

You have precious customer and sales data with all details in your files. But comparing them or analyzing them will take days if not months! Imagine if you have to analyze the effect of pricing on customer demand over the last 10 years, where the company operates in 50 locations! You better start converting your data now itself!

  1. You don’t have enough storage for all those files!

Space is scarce and quite expensive these days. Why would you want to lose your precious office space to file cabinets and storages? You also have to invest on the storage. Instead, spend on Data Conversion Services India one time, to convert all your document data into digital format. You can say goodbye to all that clutter.

  1. Your office stationary bills are piling up!

Apart from the storage cabinets, you also need files, folders, papers, printers, clips and a host of other office stationary related to document management which will cost you considerably. Instead, a one-time investment on data conversion will be more economically viable.

  1. You want to go green

Why not? All companies are considering their social responsibilities and cutting short on the paper usage. So a Go Green policy is a good enough reason to consider data conversion services.

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