Bringing digital revolution through eBook conversion firms during Covid-19

The pandemic COVID-19 has changed our lives in every aspect. Our work nature, learning experience, shopping methods everything has changed. Even book reading has come up with a great change. During, the time of lockdowns, people didn’t have exposure to book stores. This unavailability of book stores had led to the growth in the sale of ebooks. Thus, the revenue in the ebook conversion sector has increased and is expected to achieve even more growth.

This growth has lead to the emergence of the following.

ebook conversion services

1. Publishing Houses

A large number of publishing houses have come up with stores on Amazon Kindle. Books based on audio are also gaining popularity. When learning became an online process, students from school and colleges started to go through ebooks. Thus, now it’s high time to set up a digital strategy. Most of the ebook publishing companies are trying to achieve the digital strategy.

2. Interactive Ebooks

Anyone can read ebooks anywhere and at any time. Also, instantaneously the books could be bought and read. The feature of audio, video and animations make the ebooks now interactive. Ebook conversion companies have many skill sets that would help the publishers to achieve more interactive ebooks.

3. Scanning Services like Optical Character Recognition

If your book is in the form of a paper, then scanning services using OCR is available. Here an optical scan occurs as a series of electronic images, and uses software to understand the text and finally convert it into an electronic document.

4. Ebook conversion companies

Ebook conversion companies provide many benefits to the publishers. They allow the publishers to launch the digital version of their ebooks at an affordable price. These companies assist the publishers to choose the right format for their books. Epub or MOBI is the widely used ebook conversion format. Thus, while selecting an ebook conversion company one must follow the below points:

  • Their knowledge in the ebook domain
  • Whether they make use of manual conversion or human approach.
  • They have a 100% QA process.
  • Their years of experience in the field.

5. Ebook publishing services

Ebook publishing services not only include conversion into ebook formats. But they must also provide consultation in ebook formatting and ebook distribution. They should provide services in such a way that companies make use of authors in formatting, converting books to ebooks, and distributing them. They must also assist you with ISBN related queries and on how to open accounts on the platforms.


During this season of the COVID-19 pandemic, growth in the ebook industry and digital content is a promise. With the use of reading devices and smartphones, we could expect a digital revolution in the ebook industry. The only thing is that the publishers should learn about the current phase and choose an ebook conversion company that provide ebook conversion and publishing services.

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