Tips and Tricks to Save Time in Data Entry Service


Bulk data entry can be the most daunting task to complete. Imagine the plight of catalog data entry operators who work for e-commerce giants like Amazon and eBay! Ever wondered how they manage such high-volume information input that remains impeccably accurate and yet irresistible? The offshore outsourcing company that undertakes such bulk data entry for many industries have full-time data entry operators that need to be very efficient and productive despite the monotonous work they have to handle in large scale. They follow these tips and tricks to make sure that they remain the most productive saving time in data entry:

Ergonomic Workplace

Bulk data entry definitely involves long working hours sitting in front of the computer. Whether you use a laptop or a desktop, it is very important to use an ergonomic workspace to make sure the resources sit comfortably and complete the work. Ergonomic Workspaces are a must for Data Entry Company India as they help the resources to concentrate better on their work without affecting their health despite the long hours of screen-time involved. It also increases their productivity which makes sure the quality of data entry is far superior.

Technology to the Rescue

Technology helps automate data entry and reduce errors at the same time. Using the latest technology devices such as the Optical Character Reader, Barcode Reader, Magnetic Ink Character Reader etc makes the input much faster and error-free. Forms and other data entry techniques also help improve the quality of data being input at a much faster pace.

Master the Tools

Whatever tool you use for data entry, if you master it, it saves your time considerably. The offshore data entry service provider either employs trained and experienced data entry operators who are masters in the tools used or trains them to use the tools more efficiently. In most of the cases, MS Excel is used for data entry. Excel allows you to automate a lot of data entry with options such as auto-fill and sequence.

Use Shortcut Keys

The experts at data entry outsourcing services will definitely be masters at using keyboard shortcuts too. It can reduce the data entry time by saving precious seconds that you spend otherwise on using the mouse to point and click every time which adds up to many minutes. Experienced data entry operators will know the keyboard shortcuts available in the tool being used which help them save time significantly. Instead of using the mouse to copy and paste, if you use the keyboard shortcuts, it saves you many seconds. The more you use them, the more you will improve in your data entry speed.

Proofread the Output

Ultimately, it is very important that the result of your data input is proofread and presented without errors. So no matter what you enter, make sure that you spend ample time to proofread the information before submitting to the client so that errors can be sorted out at the lowest level itself. Escalated errors may be difficult to correct at a later stage. This will save time in reworking on your data input later.


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