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Data Mining Services

Is it beneficial to outsourcing data mining service to India?

Data mining is a method of analyzing and extracting data for working and transforming into different needs, which will help the organization to have a control over the bulk data produced on a daily basis and thus, regulate the time-consuming data mining process effectively and efficiently. In this service-based system, outsourcing is a useful business tool for large and small businesses all over the world. Processing and managing data are a crucial activity for all the organizations all over the world. As there is development in business, it has become a tough task to manage the huge amount of data that is produced on a daily basis. Today developed countries outsourcing data mining service to India mainly because of the low cost and the best quality services offered. The reason to outsource the services to India may also include:

is-it- beneficial-to-outsource-data-mining-service-to-india

Cost effective

For any project, pricing is a critical facet. This is the major reason behind outsourcing the data mining entry services to India. The organization can save the money, use the resources for other purposes, overheads, control the investment and time.

High quality

Highly qualified professionals who are the backbone of the outsourcing sector of India, deliver the best and quality service that gets appreciated always by the developed countries who seeks the best quality providers of offshore data mining services. With the knowledge on latest trends of technologies, the professionals of India put forward the best results always which made India famous for the outsourcing services.

Fast results

Today, India is ranked the number one outsourcing destination land in the world and the Indian companies have an extended list of expertise who are well qualified and have deep knowledge with experience in their own field which can result in better and faster outputs of complicated data processing efficiently.

Highly efficient

India holds the largest workforce of both young and experienced persons with efficiently creative skill set and good education background. This helps the companies that provide data mining services in India give an outstanding performance in all the aspects which is the one of the main attractions of the developed nations.

Security and confidentiality

The outsourcing companies in India are the ones who follow the international privacy standards and the rules which ensures the data security and confidentiality. More importance and priority are given to the security of the data mining process which can be seen in the enclosure of each company views. Even the staff in the is under the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to ensure that the data is secure even when it is processed.


Organizations worldwide can definitely rely and outsource data mining service to India as they can be assured that the Indian companies provide hundred percentages, accurate service as the well qualified and experienced professionals across the country to collect the information from different zones and the enter into the processing step. Hence, in return, it gives out the best and the accurate results which will help to meet the required outputs.

As the business world thrives to be competitive in the current market, outsourcing data mining services to India has distinct advantages and trend to outsource will definitely continue. Today, almost all the best offshore data mining company is located in India, which is a proud moment for the citizens and the world has witnessed the benefits of outsourcing to India. So, it is always a best idea to consider India as the best outsourcing destination.

Levin George

Top Five Outsourcing Insurance claims processing trends for 2019

When compared to other industries, insurance industries have never been ahead of using technology for the processing purpose. After long decades of clumsy workflows, old and outdated software solutions and huge paper works are holding the hands of technology where processing gets faster, better and much smarter. By handing over the works to competent insurance claim processing services providers, companies started to realize that time, risk and money that can be saved by the regular updating and the proper automation of the works. Let’s now look at some of the ways through which insurance companies are making their clients life much easier in this digital era.


Age of self-servicing

Everything is getting digitized and everything is now possible with just one click. The use of mobiles, laptops, tablets and other gadgets make the life easier and faster for man. Hence humans are looking for all kinds of services through these digital media where self-servicing is possible which reduce the dependability and saves time. Hence the insurance companies started to support the clients by digitizing their services. The customers can find the details of the policies, choose and get recommendations about the policies, claims, tracking the processing.

Claiming polices

Earlier, it is really difficult to claim the policies when there is a requirement. The customer has to contact and discuss the details with more than one person and depend on them to a large extent to get the claims sanctioned. But today things have changed. Within minutes claims and policies get signed through the mobile applications or the sites of the insurance company itself. Now-a-days everything is getting outsourced as the data generated is bulky. Even insurance claims and details are also being outsourced. For example, there are medical healthcare outsourcing agents who work with huge data with latest technologies and tools which make the claiming process faster for health insurances which are high in demand.

Comparing and purchasing

As there is a huge advancement in the field of technology, there are different tools and techniques for comparing huge data within fraction of seconds. That made the insurance companies and the customers save their time and get more benefits. To know about a policy and compare it with other policies or companies, it is more effective than earlier as there are new tools developed. Hence, we need not spend time to consult with agents or do not depend on anyone to compare and purchase, because everything is available in a button click.

Flawless experience

Every insurance company’s success is always a happy customer. Customer who are happy have a seamless experience from their vendors who provide the best service. Digitizing the data have made the processing of claims faster and that would increase the number of customers which leads to rocket up the profit of the organization.

As a service

Presently, insurance companies provide services to their customers who are supported with the services that the company provide at different situations like purchasing, healthcare, loans and so on as the to promote their product and policies.

Today, insurance companies are coming to the front line of technology by digitizing the work process. That helps both the company and the client feel good in the service. As there are modern tools and technology companies are outsourcing their works that can be done with expertise. The claims are more secured and well managed as they are treated as offshore insurance claim processing methods. So, these are few trends flowed insurance claim processing.

Levin George
different-forms-of-outsourcing-data-processing-and-its-uses featured-min

Different Forms of Outsourcing Data Processing and Its Uses

Every business can benefit from outsourcing partners in one way or the other. That’s why businesses extensively use this method to complete challenging and tedious tasks. Business process outsourcing finds its way into every business over a wide range of services ranging from data entry to survey processing to Image processing services. Outsourcing offers many advantages to the businesses. Cost-effectiveness is definitely one of the major advantage businesses can enjoy while outsourcing their various business processes. Here are different forms of outsourcing data processing and their uses:

different-forms-of-outsourcing-data-processing-and-its uses main-min

Document Processing

Data processing is mostly done using databases or word documents. Every business will have digital documents they save as word files. When the businesses have to deal with bulk word processing regularly, they opt for outsourced word processing services whereby they save significant time, resources and space. All types of physical documents are converted into digital format and saved as word files with proper formatting. These are easier to deal with.

Insurance Claims

Businesses that deal with insurance claims also deal with the meticulous and time-consuming process taken for every claim that reaches them. Every application has to be verified and validated for accuracy and genuineness. Once verified, the claim application has to be processed further to release the payment. It has to go through rigorous processing. For each type of insurance, the claiming process will be different. Outsourcing insurance claim processing services providers ensure that the data and entire process is managed with utmost quality and integrity. They will take care of the quality of data, its security,

Forms Processing

Businesses have to deal with a wide range of forms. Starting with employee form, estimation form, and invoicing form a business may have to deal with many forms on a regular basis. Filling up these forms and digitizing them is a meticulous process. Quality is utmost important because the business cannot compromise on the information it processes and uses for critical management decisions. The employee information will be used throughout the time he/she remains in the organization. Similarly, the estimates and invoices are compared to understand how effective the demand-supply gap is filled. To maintain the data quality form processing services are often outsourced to competent outsourcing partners.

Managing Survey Data

Market research and customer surveys require quite some expertise. You need resources to design the survey to be effective. You need the right methods to collect information online and offline. For direct collection of survey data, you need many resources. This data is collected and then input to analyze and report to the business. It is a tedious process which is why survey data processing services are outsourced.

Managing Checks

Managing the check payments and processing them need experience and expertise. There are specific tools used to check the validity of the checks and these are accessible to the outsourcing check processing service providers making the process comparatively risk-free. The outsourcing partners will help you focus better on your core business activities while keeping your cashflow intact.

Levin George
need-for-outsource-document-indexing-services Featured

Need to Outsource Document Indexing Services?

Document indexing is done by businesses to make searches faster, especially when dealing with millions of records on a regular basis. Realtime data also need to be indexed to ensure on-time availability. Documents need to be indexed based on certain criteria that are fixed by the domain experts and the business managers. That’s why document indexing services are typically outsourced to competent outsourcing partners who are well-experienced in identifying the right basis for indexing and are proficient in the tools used for indexing. Here are a few more reasons why outsourcing document indexing is more beneficial to businesses:

need-for-outsource-document-indexing-services main.

Expert Resources

Document indexing requires domain expertise and also good knowledge of the techniques and technologies used for indexing. If your business wants to make the most of indexing, you need to employ an expert team to exclusively take care of your data and documents. Recruiting such experts may not be a feasible solution as it is expensive and may add to your overheads over time when the need to index becomes lesser due to the digital technologies that keep evolving. Outsourcing data indexing services offers a more efficient solution to all your document indexing requirements, in short-term and long-term, without adding on to your overheads.

On-time availability of information

With an in-house team, meeting contingency requirements may not always be feasible. Keeping the deadlines also may not always work well. With an outsourced team, deadlines will always be met because they will have a professional team exclusively working on your projects. They are legally bound to complete the assigned work on time.

Right Technology

Technology is an essential factor that keeps check of the quality and deadlines for completing the process successfully. With rapidly evolving technologies, it becomes difficult to always keep updated to the latest version of the most useful software tools for your business. Legacy software tools are very expensive and hence upgrading them every time may not be a feasible option for all businesses. Moreover, data management is only a subsidiary process for most businesses. Spending much time, effort and money on a technology for a specific process only will not prove to be a profitable option. Outsourcing is preferred due to this too. For the offshore document indexing services provider, data management is their core competency and they spread the cost across the various projects they undertake. Hence, they can afford to and must ensure that the latest technology is employed to ensure utmost quality in document indexing.

Better focus

Data management as we just discussed is a secondary process for most businesses. But it is essential and is time and resource intensive. Instead of setting focus on a secondary process, businesses can outsource it to third parties who specialize in it and set their focus firm on their core competency. This makes the business more efficient and productive, thereby increasing their profitability.


One of the major advantages of outsourcing is that it is cost-effective. Considering that when you outsource document digitization you no longer have to invest in setting up an in-house team, recruit and train resources or maintain them over longer periods, it saves you a significant amount in terms of capital and operational expenses. Moreover, outsourcing is flexible. You need to outsource only when you have to. With an in-house team, you cannot recruit every time you need them and then layoff.

Levin George

Top Five Benefits of Outsourcing Image Processing Services

Every business uses images in their catalogues, websites, interiors, presentations and marketing collaterals. Raw images may not be enough to accomplish the required purpose. Image editing helps to enhance the image quality and make it more attractive. It requires advanced software tools and expert resources who are experienced in editing images to offer quality images. High-resolution images, that are optimized for web usage can be provided by outsourcing Image Processing services in the most cost-effective way. Image processing service providers ensure timely availability of quality images in the format required that are web-optimized. They will be able to offer images in different formats required for various purposes. Here are the top five benefits of image processing services:


Creative Visualization

Businesses use images to attract leads and communicate with the audience. Using the images as taken may not offer the brand an exclusive identity. A creative visualization of the intended message will make it more effective. The Image data entry service provider will have creative graphic designers who work on raw images to give them a creative tweak. This will make the images unique and help to blend in to the brand’s identity.

Image Sharpening and Restoration

Raw images may need sharpening and restoration to make them look more attractive. Old images that are distorted may require restoration which needs a good software and expert image editors. Sharpening makes the image more attractive. Restoration digitally repairs the damages on the image. Ecommerce businesses, real-estate businesses, travel and photography businesses need flawless quality images. image sharpening and restoration are essential for such businesses.

Image Retrieval

Businesses spend huge amounts on purchasing images and for photo-shoots. Most of them prefer not to repeat the same image for promotions and other purposes. They end up spending more to purchase or shoot more images even if the existing images may be sparsely used. With creative editing and layering, the same images can be reused which will save the business significantly while also assuring that the resulting image does not look the same as earlier.

Reuse Images

Background editing is a very commonly needed process for marketing collaterals. Background editing helps to reduce the noise around and highlight certain parts of the image better. This process needs some solid expertise to make sure that the resultant image is of good quality. Outsourcing Image processing services offers the benefits of cost-effective image editing and processing for various purposes.

The outsourcing firm will have resources who are experts in specific image editing processes which ensures your business high-resolution and web-optimized images at a low cost.

Levin George
benefits-of-outsource-image-processing-service-to-india featured-min

Benefits of outsourcing image processing service to India

Every business requires quality images for marketing, web and many other purposes from time to time. Every requirement is unique and requires a different set of image processing services to fulfil the specific requirements. Some images will have to be edited, some enhanced and some others lightly touched up to make them usable for the purpose intended. Sometimes background image editing is required for images that are used in marketing campaigns and on website. With digital marketing gaining popularity increasingly, image requirements and image editing requirements are also increasing rapidly. Here are some benefits of outsourcing image processing services to India:

Image Processing Experts

India has some of the most qualified and experienced outsource image processing services providers who are accessible to businesses from across the world. They are available over various online resources and offline too, always willing to deliver images that match the business requirements. The outsourcing partners employ the best of resources to provide the best quality images to the businesses that engage them on short-time and long-time basis.

Best Technology Put to Use

Indian outsourcing partners are adept with the latest technologies used for image editing. They are up-to-date with the latest trends in image editing and usage for various web, marketing and display purposes. Businesses can depend upon them for the best of images that suit the business requirements. The latest technologies will offer images in the right resolutions and exposure digitally. Images for web and print need to be of different resolutions and quality which is also made available aptly with the right technologies very cost-effectively.

Wide Range of Services Offered

The Indian outsourcing partners usually offer a wide range of image editing services, all under one roof. That’s one reason many businesses across the world prefer to outsource image processing service to India. When a single outsourcing partner handles all image editing requirements, they will be able to provide better services at one go.

Quality of Images Rendered

Indian outsourcing partners offer the best quality images to businesses. As the requirements differ for each business and purpose of the image, it becomes a challenge to render the same images often in different resolutions and sizes without affecting its quality. This is a major reason for businesses to outsource image editing to Indian outsourcing partners. The use of the right editing technologies and expert resources add to the quality aspect of the images.

Cost-effective Solutions Offered

Indian outsourcing companies are considered the most cost-effective for various reasons. The availability of skilled resources in abundance, best infrastructure easily and low cost of establishment make an offshore BPO Company in India more cost-effective in providing image editing outsourcing services. This is another benefit which reduces the cost of businesses significantly because image editing is a frequent requirement for which businesses usually spend a good amount on a regular basis. It will be definitely more cost-effective than having to maintain a full-time team exclusively for image editing.

Levin George

Form Processing Services – 6 Points to Consider Before Outsourcing

Business form processing is tedious process. Many businesses have to deal with bulk of forms that contain critical information such as customer data, patient information, employee details, student details etc. All these will have to be input carefully into the software form carefully to make sure there’s no error and the data is complete and accurate. Data forms and survey forms contain equally important data which need to be input diligently with the help of competent Form processing services providers. While outsourcing offers many vital benefits to the businesses, there’s tough competition among the outsourcing service providers. Businesses can consider the below-mentioned 6 points before finalizing their outsourcing partner:

form-processing-services-6 points-to-consider-before-outsourcing-min

Experience & Reputation

Experienced outsourcing partners will be competent to handle challenging situations in forms processing. Reputation is equally important as reputed outsourcing partners will never compromise on the quality of their deliverables and ensure the delivery on time. It takes a lot of effort and good clients to build a good reputation in a highly competitive market. Hence, businesses can rest assured that reputed and experienced outsourcing partners are better than low-priced inexperienced outsourcing companies.

Technologies Used

Every industry is now technology-driven. When you outsource form processing, make sure that your outsourcing partner uses the latest and proven technologies for forms processing. This will help significantly in maintaining high quality data, faster completion, and more efficient processing of forms.

Resource Strength

Forms processing is a resource-intensive job. There’ll be bulk data entry and processing required which need a lot of resources to input the information, validate and cleanse the same before it can be processed. During peak business seasons the volume can also double but during the low seasons, you may not need as many resources. Resource strength and scalability are essential aspects to consider while choosing the best outsourcing service provider.

Quality Policy

Data quality is of utmost importance, especially for forms processing. Make sure that your offshore form processing provider has a detailed quality policy in place. Check their quality audit reports and the policy guidelines to ensure that they strictly follow the set guidelines. Quality data is essential as this information is used to form various analytics and metrics used for management decision making processes.

Data Security

Data privacy and security cannot be compromised by any business. Classified information about the business, strategies, products and the clients cannot be shared to unauthorized people. Data should be maintained in a secured way so that it is neither lost nor leaked. The latest cybersecurity tools need to be adopted to ensure data security. Competent outsourcing partners will ensure data security at any cost.

Cost & Turnaround Time

The cost and turnaround time are important too. Experienced outsourcing firms may charge a premium amount, but they will ensure utmost data quality provide the deliverables on time. Whether your business can afford an experienced outsourcing partner is a decision to be taken by the management diligently. An accomplished offshore BPO Company in India will be able to offer the most cost-effective solutions within the specified timelines.

Levin George

Contributions of Online Data Entry in Modern Era Business

Data entry has become an inevitable process for all businesses that aim for digital transformation. With Online data entry the business can ensure timely availability of digital data which is of top-notch quality. Data entry is a must if you want to use the information your business has collected and generated for your progress. Based on this information, you can take less risky decisions and attain better process efficiency. Outsourcing has proven to increase productivity and attain cost-efficiency for all types of small, medium and large businesses. Here are some of the contributions of Online Data Entry in modern era businesses:


Efficient Research

Market research is essential for businesses to learn more about new markets or to get correct market updates. This is essential data which requires resources who are experts in extracting the required information from the target market. Such resource-intensive processes are typically outsourced to established outsourcing data entry service providers who are also proficient in market research. They will have the experts to design and execute the research process and input the information strategically to ensure quality output.

Digital Data

Digitized information can transform the way businesses are managed. There’s information available on click which saves much time and effort. Digitization also makes data processing much faster and easier. Digitization saves the business the most expensive business space. It can fetch information faster and store them in the databases or any other format required. This saves storage space. Digitization also saves the business printing and stationery charges allowing the business to go paperless and green.

Low-risk Decision Making

With accurate and complete information in hand, you no longer have to base your decisions on age-old data or mere guesswork. Digital data entry services providers will offer accurate and on-time information. When the managers consider outsourcing, they will have almost real-time data to refer to which reduces the risk significantly. To ensure reliable and accurate information, the outsourcing partner will employ the right experts, the right technologies and the right processes and strategies in place. Quality and security will be given utmost importance to make sure that data is reliable.

24/7 Customer Support

With the right outsourcing partners, you can assure your clients of 24*7 support services which will ensure better client satisfaction and faster resolution of issues. The outsourcing partner will have experts in handling client queries to offer the best solutions to customers. The right infrastructure, hardware and technologies will be employed by the outsourcing partners to offer the best of support services to all their clients.

Expert Technical Support

Providing technical support is another interesting process the offshore BPO Company in India offer to the parent company. Technical support requires technical expertise which the outsourcing partner will definitely have. They recruit qualified professionals who are trained to handle customer queries on technical aspects. They will also have scalable resource strength which comes handy especially during the peak seasons.

In the modern era, outsourcing offers many critical benefits to the business. While the above-mentioned works add value to the business, there are many more that are critical to completing the processes on time. Outsourcing definitely offers the best solutions to all types of businesses.

Levin George
top-5-significance-of-outsourcing-epub feature-min

Top 5 Significance of Outsourcing ePub Conversion Services to India

With the advancement of the technology sector, there has been an enormous expansion in the inclination towards outsourcing ePub conversion services to India. In today’s contemporary business world, ePub or electronic publication system is widely used within every organization.

Due to the involvement of huge resources and time constraints, a majority of the organizations are taking the initiative of outsourcing the ePub conversion services.


What do you understand by ‘ePub’?

It is a free eBook format and is extensively used by the popular eBook readers. Due to the popularity, the ePub outsourcing companies have gained a huge prominence in both the domestic and global market.

Since the concept of ‘outsourcing’ acquired a global prevalence, India has been ranked as the topmost destination to meet any sort of outsourcing requirements. The professionals at an ePub outsourcing company in India have the potential to develop the ePub format from a variety of sources and also, formatting your documents or books into an excellent ePub format.

The major ePub services outsourced are:

• Read Aloud ePub Conversion Services
• Fixed Layout ePub Conversion Services
• Enhanced ePub Conversion Services

India is a repository of the well-established offshore ePub outsourcing companies and they are well-skilled in offering the customer-satisfactory ePub conversion services to the publishers, universities, or libraries. Managing the ePub conversion solutions in-house is reasoned to be a conflicting and demanding task.

So, why wait? Outsource your needs to India right now! But, now, you might be wondering – Why is India considered to be the finest destination for outsourcing your ePub conversion needs? Take a look.

1. 99.99% accuracy

Precision of the output is one of the topmost factor considered before outsourcing the business needs. Most of the organizations believe that outsourcing the ePub conversion solutions to India can help you to achieve a completely accurate result. The outsourcing service providers based in India ensure to perform a clarity-enriching quality check to validate the accuracy of the result delivered. In the past few years, we have noticed that with the assistance of an automated ePub conversion tool

2. Potentiality

When you decide to outsource your ePub conversion needs to India, make sure not to suspect the capability of the service providers. These India-based service providers will help you to get the ePub conversion done promptly into a format, as specified by the client. The output format for the conversion can be available in any format such as HTML, InDesign, Quark, Word, PDF, etc. It will help you to make the process of distributing the files simplified and easy.

The ePub file formats come in three of the open models:
 Open publication structure
 Open packaging format
 Open container format

3. A team of professionals

The outsourcing service providers settled in India ensure to hire the finest, talented, and a highly professional team of employees, so as to achieve a completely proficient output. They do possess a comprehensive and in-depth idea or knowledge about the systematized ePub conversion process. A team of committed and well-versed employees at the outsourcing firm

4. Interactive content

Blogs are an indispensable aspect of every business website. A user-friendly business website should comprise rich content to attract the right clients. The service providers settled in India make sure that the ePub services originate a set of unique content which is largely interactive and is spread across the targeted group of people via internal or backlinking blogs.

5. Value-added ePub services

As discussed, the in-house team at a service providing firm in India employs a team of dedicated employees; this is considered to be a major factor in determining success. The hired dedicated team will assist you to mend the video or audio files, so as to develop a perfect creation of the compliant cover pages which will fit the size of an eBook. It will help to generate the text files and the table of content with great success and consistency.

Being settled in India, outsourcing your ePub conversion services to Data Entry Export will prove to be highly beneficial for your business enterprise in the long-run. To know further, reach us at info@dataentryexport.com

Levin George

Is Outsourcing Document Scanning Service Essential For Business?

If digital transformation or mere digitization is in the pipeline for your business, document scanning is inevitable to complete the transformation. An ongoing business will need the help of outsourcing document scanning services to convert their existing physical documents into the digital format. Typically, business with bulk conversion requirements will approach an accomplished outsourcing firm to scan their documents and convert them into a desirable digital format that can also be processed. While normal scanning offers you a digital image version of the documents, the information will not be available for data processing. With an outsourcing partner, you can leverage digital data that’s available for further processing. This would be the most critical requirement of document scanning services. Here are a few more reasons why document scanning is essential for businesses:

Is-document-scanning-essential-for-business -min

Save Storage Space

As conventional businesses grow, they find it difficult handling the huge volumes of physical data files and documents. There’ll be cartons, even rooms, full of invoices, contracts, vouchers, resumes, and other essential documents collected and generated by the business till date. It is very difficult to maintain them. It is even more difficult to retrieve some information from this bulk dataset. Businesses spend large amount of money to store this information in office rooms and warehouses depending upon their size. When you outsource data scanning services, they offer digitized documents that take very little space for storage. Thousands of files can be stored on a pen drive which is smaller than your index finger. Years’ of data can be stored in a hard drive which will not take up more space than your palmtop! For businesses that spend large amounts on renting or leasing commercial space for storage of their documents, this will save them a lot of money that they can utilize for business development activities.

Access and Share the Documents Instantly

Digitization offers instant access to information. With the help of outsourced data scanning services in India businesses can gain instant access to digitized information. This information will be available to the business for various processing and reporting purposes. While document sharing in the conventional method is an expensive process which also takes time in transit, when it comes to digital documents, you can share documents instantly in the most cost-effective way. Typically, the outsourcing document scanning partner will also offer document indexing services too. Document indexing makes data search much quicker and more efficient.

Keep them Secure

Paper documents can be easily misplaced or lost. They can get damaged over time or during natural calamities or office shifting. These can be lost by theft too. Storing the physical documents in safe custody is a very expensive affair, especially when it comes to bulk document handling with utmost care. Important documents should be kept in weather-controlled chambers which involves higher costs for the business. When you outsource your document scanning services to a competent offshore BPO Company in India, they will make sure that all your digital data is secured with encryption, passwords and other advanced methods which are more cost-effective.

With such critical advantages addressed by document scanning services, these are definitely essential for businesses aiming to progress.

Levin George